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In a 4 x 4 m2 room in his parent's home in the year 1919, Walter Seidensticker Snr laid the foundation stone for the Seidensticker brand which has now sold more shirts in Germany than any other firm. He successfully combined his business knowhow, his expertise in craftsmanship and his technical knowledge allowing the business to expand rapidly. Today, Seidensticker shirts are sold all over the world, exporting to more than 78 different countries from their headquarters in the German city of Bielefeld.


At we are proud to sell some of the best shirts on the market. We have sold many thousands of Seidensticker shirts for more than 15 years, through our associated brick and mortar shops and we're proud to be considered Seidensticker's preferred UK online stockist. We firmly believe that you won't find a better shirt for the money.

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